No Pain. Total Comfort.

Care+ at The Dental Boutique offers an extensive and effective menu of pain-management solutions to ensure your peace of mind and comfort throughout your visit.  Let your anxiety and fear of the dentist disappear with a full line of pain and anxiety management services

Local Anesthetic

From numbing a tooth for a filling or crown to numbing teeth and/or soft tissues of the mouth and lips for surgical procedures, a proper injectable local anesthetic is chosen for proper potency, for length of treatment time, and for underlying medical conditions.  

Topical For Injections

Prior to local anesthetic injections, one of several formulations of topical anesthetic gel is applied in order to ease the sensation of the injection.  Less pain means less anxiety!

Nitrous Oxide

Even with with pain reduction, many may still have residual anxiety to make for an uncomfortable visit.  At The Dental Boutique, nitrous oxide, often called “laughing gas” or “sweet air,” is available via incorporated masks in each of the treatment rooms to act as a calming agent at various prescribed levels, depending on each individual’s needs and precautions.  Not only does nitrous oxide ease anxiety but it also acts as an analgesic, which lessens the sensation of pain on the body.  

In-House Sleep Dentistry

Some fears run too deep for alleviation by any comfort, amenity or medication.  In this case, when anxiety prevents treatment from being performed, arrangements can be made for an anesthesiologist to provide conscious sedation during dental treatment at the dental boutique--commonly referred to as “sleep dentistry.”

Topical Anesthetic for gum therapy

When the removal of soft or hard, mineralized plaque from under the gumline is necessary to prevent spread of gum disease and bone loss from around the teeth, a special topical gel formulation can be applied, in most cases, to perform a pain-free procedure, eliminating the need for injections with a needle.  

Anti-Anxiety Medication

Even with the most comforting environment and options for pain and anxiety management at The Dental Boutique, some must overcome anxieties even in advance of walking through the doors, in which case prescriptions for anxiety-reducing medications may be given prior to treatment.  

Total Privacy.

Although The Dental Boutique provides individual, private, closable treatment rooms, the nature or status of some may require the premises free of other people.  Special requests and arrangements may be made to accommodate for ultimate privacy

Topical Anesthetic for Botox™/Filler

For treatment with Botox, a non-greasy, topical cream, specially compounded for The Dental Boutique, can be applied to the skin prior to therapeutic injections to reduce the already minimal sensation from the ultra-fine needle.

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