Celebrate Your Beauty

 Everyone has an idea of outer and inner beauty.  Teaching my patients to discover their present beauty, as well as helping them elevate that beauty, is an absolute, smile-inducing, joy."

Dr. Huerta

The concept of beauty is ubiquitous to every human being, and, when realized, no matter how small or great each individual places the values of aesthetics, it is a concept that provides happiness of body, mind, and soul.  

Dr. Huerta has always had an eye and a hand for art, beauty, and form.  Being able to use light and shadow aids in using fillers to replenish tissues that have experienced volume loss and in using Botox to keep tissues from impinging on other structures, while achieving a brilliant, youthful appearance using natural light to enhance the form even further.

Dr. Huerta has trained with plastic surgeons during residency and has taken hands-on instruction under developers of patents and protocol for the use of Botox.  Using art, science, and non-surgical techniques, his training and talent can help restore, create, and maintain an enhanced state of beauty.