exceeding general dentistry.

Care+ goes beyond dental medicine, diagnosis, and treatment.  Our unique and comprehensive approach is patient-centric, and your emotional wellbeing is our top priority each step of the way.  We tailor every treatment to the unique needs of each patient to achieve and maintain our client's ideal oral health. That's our commitment to you--every time.                                                       

Discover what Care+ do for you. We view General Dentistry procedures in either Comprehensive Hygiene Therapy or Comprehensive Restorative Treatment. You can learn more about these procedures below.    


Comprehensive Hygiene Therapy

individualized preventive care

Every mouth is unique, so every patient receives a comprehensive oral exam of the teeth and gums to formulate a customized plan of treatment needs, followed by a thorough cleaning with both hand instruments and an ultrasonic scaler, ensuring optimum oral health.  Our team is pleased to discuss hygiene tips and pointers to make home care and future cleanings effortless and easy.


Keep your smile healthy for a lifetime. Some patient's treatment essentials go beyond the routine preventative tooth and gum cleaning.

Deep cleanings, or “scaling and root planing,” may be a prescribed treatment approach to patients targeting a multitude of dental health issues:

  • removes soft or hardened plaque from under the gumline.
  • prevents the spread of gum disease.
  • facilitates the healing of gums, which cover and preserve the housing of the teeth.
  • prevents tooth and bone loss.

comprehensive restorative treatment

When the needs of the patrons of The Dental Boutique go beyond Preventive Care and Hygiene Therapy, a treatment plan will be formulated and discussed with every patient, considering an array of options for each of the conditions in question to find the most proper treatment, especially taking into account the treatment which will set his or her mind at ease.  The highest quality instruments and materials, like LED-lit high speed handpieces and the highest quality resins, are used to carry out precise and beautiful composite filling restorations.  For porcelain rehabilitation, The Dental Boutique partners with labs whose assigned technicians hand detail and individualize every stunning product over technologically advanced CAD/CAM undercastings.  For root canal treatment and extractions, as with every procedure, emphasis is placed on removing anxiety and pain from the atmosphere of the private treatment rooms for the most pleasurable treatment imagined.

elevated essentials

Invisible Fillings

At The Dental Boutique, we use composite resin to ensure a natural-looking, mercury-free (as found in silver-mercury amalgam fillings) treatment.  It's the healthiest not only for you but also for the environment.

Root Canals: One visit.  pain-free.

When diagnosis indicates the need for root canal treatment, our first priority is our patient's peace of mind.  Offering an extensive menu of pain-management options, we ensure our patients are at ease about the procedure.

Our pre-treatment prep ensures the tooth and affected area are fully anesthetized for the entire procedure, which, for most patients, is completed in one visit.  

Looking to enhance your smile?

The Dental Boutique is your destination for all cosmetic treatments.  Discover our service offerings at Cosmetic Care+ 


Prone to Anxiety? The Dental Boutique offers an array of pain-management options to alleviate your anxiety and to provide a calm and comfortable experience.




The Dental Boutique also collaborates with other specialty medical providers to provide therapy to those who suffer from sleeping and hearing disorders, areas of medicine which are often underserved. 


The Dental Boutique works with with many sleep doctors, specialists and sleep centers, providing Sleep Solution appliances which deliver great results for nighttime breathing optimization, all while preserving the balance of the oral environment.  


There are great advances in therapy for those with single-side hearing loss. 

Although not yet widespread in use, special arrangements can be made through the Dental Boutique to help construct intra-oral hearing devices, in which a microphone earpiece on the non-hearing ear transmits signals to a device worn in the mouth, which then conducts sound through surrounding bones to the non-hearing inner ear.



Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

Our standard full-coverage restorations are metal-free crowns (or “caps”).  Using breakthrough CAD/CAM technology, our porcelain crowns are constructed with optimum strength and minimal loss of tooth structure.  This approach eliminates the need for a porcelain fused to metal crown, providing a more aesthetic and metal-free result, while also reducing post-treatment sensitivity. 

Implant Restoration.

In the unfortunate case when a patient must lose a tooth, an implant can be used to ensure surrounding teeth do not need to be prepared for a bridge.

This type of treatment uses an ultra-strong titanium implant that is placed in lieu of the root of the missing tooth.

As the final step, we restore the structure above the bone with an aesthetic abutment and crown. 




Although our patients share similar symptoms in suffering from TMJD (temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder), diagnosis and treatment approach is as unique as they are. 

There are several sets of muscles that hold the lower jaw to the skull, connecting to various zones, allowing it to not only function with the upper jaw but also to facilitate forward and side movements, opening and closing rotational and translational movements, and a variety of movements necessary for chewing, speaking, breathing, and swallowing.  This basically means a whole lot of muscles are doing a whole lot of things to the jaw to do a whole lot of things for the owner, which can also include cramping, spasm, and compression of the TMJ.  These muscles are also connected to other bones and other muscles that pull the head and neck in different directions and motions.  


For those who suffer from pain and disorders of the TMJ, options for therapeutic appliances are available and may be discussed with each patient depending on their individual signs and symptoms.


In addition to TMJ appliances, Botox™ can be used to aid in relaxing the muscles of the jaw for those with continued spasm, tightness, and pain as a temporary injectable splint.  This can also aid in reducing headaches caused by tension in these muscles.  


For those suffering from acute symptoms in focused areas of the TMJ and surrounding muscles, acupuncture may also help to relieve localized spasm and to reduce strain in surrounding structures that could exacerbate symptoms of TMJD


Such a vast complex of muscles, working both with and against each other to achieve movement, takes a lot of activity.  Just like with any level of continuous and strenuous exercise, muscles can tire, cramp, and spasm causing compression and inflammation of the TMJ capsule and can cause surrounding and opposing muscles to be affected.  Massage of the head, neck, and back can help relax surrounding muscles that may be contributing to the more acutely localized pain near the TMJ.  


The experience for Cosmetic Care+ is one that will make treatment as simple, seamless, and enjoyable as relaxing at a spa for a massage and facial (services which The Dental Boutique is also able to arrange at special request through our concierge service).  


Scheduling an appointment has never been easier.  Reservations can be easily made via ZocDoc, using the button below.  Also, our Concierge Service offers attentive care that is tailored to each patient.  For more schedule availability, simply submit your inquiry with the button below, and one of our team members will contact you to schedule your consultation.

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